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How Much Is Vivo x50 Pro: New Price & Full Specification

In June 2020 as I interrogated the site owner (Boldcollectionz) about how much is vivo x50 pro since he is a tech expert, importer of vivo brands, and whom I have transacted tech businesses with over the years and have come to trust, I simply concluded upon hearing the price from him that vivo x50 pro was a device anyone can afford. This was contrary to the initial price claims from other sources.

From my extensive research, notwithstanding the fluctuating exchange rates in recent times, the price of a vivo x50 pro has remained unchanged. A new vivo x50 pro sells for $719.98 around the world.

Why Vivo X50 Pro?

The Vivo x50 pro is an advanced version of The Vivo x50 and Vivo x50 Lite. Having established How Much Is Vivo x50 Pro, it is worthy of note that this machine is decked with features that make it irresistible, one of which is the Camera. The Vivo x50 Pro comes with 4 rear camera of About 8MP each. The combination of these cameras gives a dazzling picture of clarity and beauty never imagined.

What Are Some Of Vivo x50 Pro Specs?

Vivo x50 Pro is obviously one of the latest smartphones from The Chinese tech giant Vivo. The Vivo X50 pro has particularly appealed to users because of its fine and up-to-date specs and features as listed below:

  • Non Detachable Battery type
    Vivo x50 pro was manufactured with high-quality materials and a sense of comfy feel in mind. With the non-detachable battery, vivo x50 pro feels slimmer and comfortable to carry around.

  • 256g ROM Size
    With the upgrade from X50 to x50 pro comes the upgrade in storage size too for broader functionality

  • In screen fingerprint recognition
    Although considered as expensive to build into phones, Vivo has taken an enviable step in building the in-screen fingerprint into the x50 pro. Not only is this faster according to pocket-lint, but they are also less prone to failed scans.

  • Android 10 Operating System.
    Vivo x50 pro comes with the Android 10. The tenth version of Android ensures that you can get regular, faster, and easier security updates/fixes With Google Play updates.

  • Up to 200 hours of standby time
    This is a great addition to vivo x50 pro. The 200 hours standby time is the number of hours the x50 pro keeps On per single battery charge when it is constantly connected to the GSM network.

  • The battery capacity of 4200 mAh
    The vivo x50 pro comes with a 4200 mAh battery life which will last for 4200 hours.

  • 10x optical zoom
    This device comes with a great feature like this. The 10x optical zoom gives the best and truest result when it comes to mobile device image magnification.

  • 4 rear camera
    The Vivo x50 pro comes with a quad rear camera namely: an ultrawide lens, a major camera with a wide aperture, a telephoto lens and magic last which is the fourth. These cameras work in symphony to give a clear image.

  • Snapdragon 765g Qualcomm model
    The Snapdragon 765G is a great feature that has been built into the vivo x50 pro. This feature ensures the best Phone power efficiency, quicker charge time, fast wifi connectivity, high audio capability, and other features such as newer Bluetooth version 5.1.

  • Amoled Screen Material
    The AMOLED simply means “active-matrix organic light-emitting diode” and it is a display technology used in mobile and other devices such as television and smartwatches to address pixels.

  • 4G and 5G Network support
    The vivo x50 pro supports both the 4g and 5g networks. With this, you are guaranteed speed in your mobile phone usage especially for call and surfing the internet.

Vivo x50 pro Extra Gadgets

Vivo x50 pro does come with some extra accessories and one of them is the bass earphone. While there is usually no guarantee that this accessory will be delivered with your purchased vivo x50 pro because most sellers remove it in order to resell to x50 pro buyers, it is worthy of note that it is a significant extra in your purchased item. This is why I highly recommend that you purchase the vivo x50 pro from Boldcollectionz

How Much Is Vivo x50 Pro

Vivo x50 Pro Design

Apart from knowing how much is vivo x50 pro, it is also worthy of note that Plenty of jobs was done on this device in terms of design. Personally, as a user, I love the X50 pro because not only is it comfortable to carry around, it is also very beautiful. Apart from this, the Vivo x50 pro has a display resolution of 2340×1080 which gives me a sharper display output.

Vivo x50 Pro Charging And Reviews

Vivo x50 Pro Comes with a Type-c charger and it supports 33W fast charging. More to this, the type-c charger is simply the best for this machine as it powers the vivo x50 pro up to 100 watts as opposed to other forms of charger that are limited to 12 watts only.

Not only do these specs/features listed above make you enjoy the benefits of the latest android device, but they also ensure that you are not left behind in the ever-increasing advancement in mobile devices development.

How Much Is Vivo x50 Pro In Some Major Countries?

I have gone a further step to make research on how much is Vivo x50 pro in other places such as Nigeria, Bangladesh, India, and others.

  • Vivo X50 Pro price in Nigeria
    This smartphone currently sits at (₦)274, 370 since a dollar is currently (₦)381.08.

  • Vivo x50 pro price in Bangladesh
    Since a dollar equals ৳84.77, a vivo x50 pro currently sells for ৳61, 032.

  • Vivo x50 pro price in India
    Currently, an Indian rupee (₹) to the dollar is ₹73.6. In India, a vivo x50 pro sells for ₹52, 990.

  • Vivo x50 pro price in Canada
    Vivo x50 pro currently sells for $914 (Canadian Dollar).

What Is The Lifespan Of An Android Phone Like Vivo x50 pro?

Although some of the beautiful features that should make you finally decide to add vivo x50 pro into the shopping bag, and subsequently check-out with PayPal has been outlined above, caution needs to be exercised.

Vivo x50 pro just like every other ubiquitous phone has the ANDROID as the operating system working in it. Therefore, just as most android devices do not go past 2.5 years, so it is with vivo x50 pro. This simply means that this device’s life expectancy is 2 years, 6 months after which you might begin to experience symptoms of minor faults.

So if you are actively researching How Much Is Vivo x50 Pro, this might be a vital area to look at before making a final purchase decision.

Where To Buy Vivo x50 Pro.

First, you might need to take your time to make proper research and to be sure you want to buy the vivo X50 Pro. After this, head on to Vivo x50 pro Website. That was exactly where I bought mine. I have since left my review as other buyers.

What do you think of this post? If you have a contrary opinion or price experience, do let me know in the comment section below.

Does Vivo x50 Pro Come With A Return/Refund Agreement?

Yes. Boldcollectionz has a friendly return/refund policy that accommodates all items listed on their site, and this includes the Latest vivo x50 pro.

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