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Do Strollers Get Damaged On Planes: My Submission From Experience.q

The inspiration to write this post comes from the two nasty experiences I’ve had travelling to Canada with my wife and Kid. On these two occasions, I have had my newly bought stroller’s handles damaged. Apart from this, I also feel motivated to write this post and also to suggest protective products to you after hearing many travelling parents ask the same question: Do strollers get damaged on planes?

Few Questions & Answers About Strollers:

Do strollers get damaged on planes?

Yes. In the process of handling or loading items for the trip into a plane, strollers get damaged. From my four years of experience as a ramp agent and as a frequently travelling parent, given their fragile nature, baby strollers can get damaged as a result of rough handling except they are well packaged.

  • Do I Need a bag to gate check a stroller?
    You do not need a bag to gate check a stroller, however, you may want one to protect your strollers from damages…
  • Can you check a stroller at the gate?
    Yes. Most airliners allow your stroller to be checked at the gate. For frontier airlines, You can bring a stroller, but once you take it to the gate, it must be checked from there. The stroller will be checked in free of charge.
  • Do airlines charge for strollers?
    From my experience with Frontier Airlines, Delta Airlines and a host of others, there are no fees for bringing strollers with you for the trip. Every stroller is checked at the gate for free.

    Find some of their stroller policies below:

Delta Stroller Policy

Children’s strollers and child safety seats are not counted as part of the standard baggage and therefore can be easily checked for free.

Child safety seats on the other hand may be brought on board the plane in certain circumstances not mentioned. Visit Delta Children & Infant Baggage policy page to learn more

Frontier Stroller Policy

Yes, frontier allows you to bring a stroller, but once you take it to the gate, it must be checked from there.

Regarding stroller and car seats checking fees,  The stroller or car seat will be checked in free of charge.

Read More on The Frontier Policy Page.

Emirates Airline

Fully collapsible stroller or portable bassinet as a carry‑on item, as long as cabin space is available and you are not bringing a child seat. If no space is available in the cabin, the stroller/carry‑cot must be transported as checked baggage in the hold.

Read More on the emirate policy page.

  • What Kind Of Stroller Can I Take on a plane.
    Apart from the stroller size and weight which are usually points of emphasis by most airliners, there is no specific kind of strollers you can take on a plane. For instance, frontier stroller policy states that Large strollers of about 20 pounds or more must be checked at the ticket counter. Apart from this, smaller strollers can be checked at the gate. 

    Delta air on the other hand states the acceptable size and weight of strollers: “Children travelling on an international ticket that is 10% of the adult fare are allowed one checked bag up to 20lbs. (10kg) with a maximum outside dimension (length+width+height) of 45 inches, plus one checked fully collapsible stroller or push-chair“.

    Emirate Airline’s policy states that a fully collapsible stroller or carry‑cot as a carry‑on item, as long as cabin space is available and you are not bringing a child seat, and the weight must not exceed 5 kg/11lb.

Below are a few stroller suggestions that fit into the above specifications:

Do strollers get damaged on planes jpg
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Do strollers get damaged on planes jpg
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How To Package Your Stroller Against Damages.

The best way to protect your stroller when you travel is to package it well in a stroller bag. While this might sound like the perfect idea because you will be saved from the mental stress of having to think about your stroller getting manhandled, I have realized that a bigger problem is that your stroller may actually get manhandled or damaged by ramp operators since they might not be aware you have a stroller in the bag. The only exception is when you pre inform them.

Personally as a parent and also as a one-time ramp operator, I have both advised and also used padded stroller bags. Find some of the good ones I have used before below:

Do strollers get damaged on planes jpg
Do strollers get damaged on planes jpg

I personally loved and used the Compono Stroller bag for 2 years.  It is water-resistant and durable. It is massive sized which allows me to add other fragile items into it. I feel confident packing my stroller and other items into this compono stroller bag because it comes with a bold inscription telling the handlers there are FRAGILE items in the bag.

The compono Stroller Bag is easy to carry, and it Measures 48" tall, by 25" wide, by 19" deep which affords me the opportunity of carrying double strollers / dual strollers.

For the latest price about this Compono Stroller Bag, Click Here.

This High Quality Protection Stroller Bag is also highly recommended. Apart from using the Compono Bag suggested above, this pink Stroller bag has been another choice I hghly recommend.

Not only does it also come with a Padded Shoulder Straps for Comfort & Durability, its bright orange colors makes it easy to spot which is fine with me for cases of luggage mixtures. 

This bag universally fits most single, double and jogger strollers, and it measures 48" x high X 25" wide X 17" deep.

For the latest price about this Stroller Bag, Click Here.


The VolkGo  Premiun Stroller Bag is also highly recommended.  I Have personally used this bag for my kids double strollers for a few years too, and the experience has been wonderful.

The VolkGo  Premiun Stroller Bag is one of my recommendations also because it fits most double strollers. Additionally, it provides a guaranteed protection to toddler or infant strollers against physical damages, plus it weighs just 1.6 pounds.

For the latest price about this VolkGo  Premiun Stroller Bag, Click Here.

4 Steps On How To Pack Pram For Flight.

Depending on how long your flight might be, the size of your stroller, and the planned items for the trip, you will need to plan yourself in order to avoid stress and unnecessary damage. This is why I wanna bring you 4 steps on how to pack pram for flight.

  • Do not add items you may need inflight into the stroller.
  • Break Down the stroller to its flattest setting.
  • Secure the stroller with two pieces of twine to keep it from opening.
  • Enclose the stroller into a stroller bag to keep it clean. 

Personal Preparations Before Flying With A Baby.

Apart from seeking answers to your question regarding “Do strollers get damaged on planes”, I know it is also very important to do some personal preparations even before you ever board the aeroplane with the baby.

Trust me on this, apart from caring so much about your question (Do strollers get damaged on planes), you obviously do not want to be that mum who gets that stern look from fellow passengers simply because your baby will not let them have some peace in the course of the flight.

Do strollers get damaged on planes jpg
Little Girl Sitting Next To Mother Screaming On airplane

So before you ever get aboard, if you must have a smooth flight, you must do the following questions apart from bothering yourself with Do strollers get damaged on planes.

Pack An Extra Change Of Clothing For Your Baby And You.

While most mothers try to pack enough clothing for their babies, not all mothers do the same for themselves. My wife once made the same mistake a few years ago when my first baby’s leaky diaper got her sticky and wet. This made the rest of the flight inconvenient for her.

Dress in comfortable Dress.

While you may be tempted to dress your baby in that beautiful dress from friends, you may also want to think first about your baby’s comfort. It is really worthless to dress your baby in a beautiful dress that will make him less comfortable. My advise would be dressing your baby in a more cozy and easy-to-change dress.

Ensure To Bring Double Of Your Baby’s Needs.

Whether it is diapers, napkins, bottles, baby food and snacks, or formulas, you’ve got to bring them double. A Lot of parents care more about Do strollers get damaged on planes than they care about the exhaustion of their baby’s needs inflight.

In the unfortunate situation that your plane gets delayed or canceled and you have to spend an extra night in a hotel, you will be saved the stress of looking at a hungry, thirsty, dirty-diapered baby.

Don’t forget Your baby’s medications.

You may never know what might happen in the course of the flight. Your baby may become sick. This is a major reason you must never forget to pack your baby’s medications in your carry-on. Check Frontier Airline and TSA For more Information on this. You will have to leave these medications in their original packs for easy identification.

Apart from the medications prescribed by your doctor, I highly recommend Dramamine Motion Sickness Relief for Kids. Dramamine Treats and prevents nausea, dizziness and vomiting which may likely happen to your kid in the course of the flight.

Get Prepared To Keep Your Baby Happy With Distractions.

Apart from concerning yourself too much with Do strollers get damaged on planes, one thing you must get prepared to do inflight is to make your baby happy by distracting him. This might happen all through the flight. There are several ways by which you can distract a child.

  1. Sing or talk to the baby in a soothing voice
  2. Gently rub or stroke your baby’s body especially the back, chest or tummy.
  3. Offer a pacifier or try to distract your baby with a rattle or toy

I highly Recommend The ones Below because I have used them and also because they are 100% free from BPA, PVC and phthalates, plus their softness, high bite endurance, and tensile strength.

BIBS Baby Pacifier | BPA-Free Natural Rubber

BIBS Baby Pacifier | BPA-Free Natural Rubber image
Check out the Latest Price On Amazon
Check Out The Latest Price On Amazon
Visit The Airport Restroom Before Getting Onboard.

When you get in here, check your baby’s diaper and ensure it is still dry. In the event that it is wet already, do the needful by changing it. This is because I highly recommend that you get on board with a neat and dry diaper. Apart from this, you may need to ease yourself too to be sure you may not need to visit the tiny aeroplane lavatory.

Be Prepared To Snub The Haters.

After you are done with the preparations outlined above, there is a high possibility that your baby will still scream aloud after all the baby is human.

So apart from racking your head with finding answers to “Do strollers get damaged on planes”, you must get prepared to snub anyone who tries to grim at you.

In our case, while we had some of the passengers look at us in a way that made us feel sad, we had few others who looked at us like “Oh…! we have been there before, and we know what it feels like”

So far I have tried to provide an answer to the question: Do strollers get damaged on planes plus few preflight preparations you should try to do to ensure a smooth trip with your baby.

Let me know what you think in the comment box below.

N.B: This post contains affiliate links. This means I will be paid some commissions when you click on some of the links within. This does not in any way put you in harm’s way.

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