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15 Cheap Clothes Online Shopping Sites In 2021: Updated and Exhaustive List

As more and more business owners turn to the internet as a faster alternative by which they can share and sell their products to an audience that is increasingly becoming technologically aware and ready to make their purchases online, you will also notice that It has become increasingly difficult to get cheap clothes online shopping sites for good quality clothes as every online business owner wants to exploit the buzz for increased returns on investment.

In this post, you will discover that not only are there still cheap clothes online shopping sites to shop conveniently at a budget, but these online sites also offer free shipping around the world usually at low or zero costs.

Find below a list of uncommon 80 cheap online shopping sites (in order of importance) where you can securely purchase your clothing for as low as $10.

15 Cheap Clothes Online Shopping Sites still True in 2021

Whether you are planning to buy clothing materials for personal/family or commercial purpose or a combination of the two, find below 80 carefully sorted shopping sites for cheap clothing with free or low-cost shipping. It is an exhaustive list.

#1. 1688

cheap clothes online shopping

Although this site has been around for a while and frequently visited by quite a good number of shoppers daily, we believe that quite a number of shoppers are yet to enjoy the full potentials found within such as its low-cost items, its products’ quality, and the readiness of the shop owners to do good and profitable business.

Why 1688?

1688 is our top pick because it is home to 5k+ factories for which the bulk are situated in China. 1688 was originally designed to sell goods locally produced in china to buyers in china i.e. its original aim was to promote china goods locally. Since this site was primarily designed to sell locally manufactured goods to the Chinese, the asking prices of listed items are relatively cheap compared to similar products elsewhere. this becomes a big plus for businessmen outside china who can conquer the currency and language difference impediments.

Challenges With Shopping On 1688

Below are the major challenges you will encounter while shopping on the Chinese 1688:

  • Site-wide Language
  • Site-wide Currency
  • International shipping of Goods

(a) Site-wide Language: Remember I did mention that 1688 was designed with the sole aim of promoting online buying and selling among chineses i.e. it was built to promote locally manufactured goods within the Chinese local market, and since most local Chinese understand just the Mandarin, 1688 was built with Mandarin as its official serving language.

(b) Site-Wide Currency: Since 1688 was built as a platform for promoting the Chinese locally manufactured goods, the only listed currency, therefore, is the Yuan (CN¥). This is a big disadvantage for international shoppers who will have to convert their currencies to the yuan before they can transact.

(c) International Shipping Of Goods: While it is not impossible to ship goods from 1688 to any part of the world (Thanks to dogged businessmen outside china), it was initially difficult because there were no trustworthy buying agents who could interpret the mandarin language on 1688, and who also readily had exchangeable yuan in their wallets for other currencies like the $dollar and pound sterling. As 1688 gradually became popular, there also evolved a list of buying agents who were either based in China or had strong connections with persons in china. These agents would buy from the 1688 platform and ship it directly to the owner at an agreed fee (Custom charges inclusive).

How To Shop On 1688 Conveniently

Gone were the days when you would have to wait for an agent to do the buying and also do the sending of your parcel from 1688. Today, you can conveniently do your cheap clothes online shopping from 1688 without the reduced need for an agent.

First, you will need to conquer the mandarin Language.

Head on to google search box, type in Chinese to English: Begin to type in your desired product, but first, switch typing to English.

how to buy from 1688
how to buy from 1688

With this result, head back to 1688 platform to begin shopping like a pro: Copy and paste the translated result above, and paste into the 1688 search box. After this, punch the enter button.

how to buy from 1688

Copy the item link as shown below, and head over to any buying agent’s site such as cssbuy

#2. Boldcollectionz

boldcollectionz / cheap clothes online shopping

While 1688 is predominantly Chinese and mandarin Language, Boldcollectionz is quite different, in that it is purely English and with multiple currency types.

Although Not a popular site, and unlike 1688, boldcollectionz boasts of more than 250 different and carefully sorted items.

Few Benefits Of Shopping On Boldcollectionz

  • Relatively cheap and good quality Items
  • Worldwide Delivery (About 200 countries)
  • Friendly return and refund policy
  • No middle man involved unlike 1688
  • Purely English and flexible currency switch
  • Free and low-cost shipping without conditions
  • Accurate Product Tracking

How To Shop On Boldcollectionz

  • Select the item of Choice
  • Add it to the cart
  • Select your preferred Shipping type
  • Proceed to checkout

#3. Shop Le Beau Monde

Beau 2

LE BEAU MONDE is another cheap clothes online shopping site under consideration. While it is not a popular site, LE BEAU MONDE boasts of beautiful collections of good quality clothing and leggings for women for as low as $10.


  • Browse through the various categories to discover what you want

#4. Etsy


Etsy is an old marketplace for independent sellers. Etsy has made this list because its prices for listed items are not only affordable, but many of the listed items are handmade. Apart from this, you can shop with peace of mind since the community-like marketplace is highly regulated.

#5. Nasty Gal

We have added this shopping site for the benefit of ladies looking to shop for beautiful clothes and other accessories on a budget. NASTY GAL is a Canadian and UK site with tiny delivery coverage.

#6. Old Navy

Old navy is a cheap clothes online shopping site we are proud to give a mention here on boldcollectionz. Whether you are looking to shopping for jeans, activewear for women, clothes for kids as well as men on a single site and without breaking the bank, you are sure to get good deals on old navy.

#7. Clothing Under 10

It is so amazing how this site has simplified shopping as well as ensuring that everything listed on the platform is under $10. Please note that this site is purely for female wears.

#8. GoJane

Talking of cheap clothes online shopping, this site is famous for its bold collection of party accessories. Gojane boasts of the latest and party-worthy accessories and clothes at pretty cheap prices.

#9. Forever21

Do not fall for it when they say forever. The prices on this site are so cheap that unsuspecting shoppers will want to empty their wallets before realizing it. Head over to forever21 and begin to shop those clothes you love dearly at a giveaway price. This might not last forever as their name sounds.

#10. Papaya

As the name sounds, get ready to see fair skin ladies in beautiful dresses. You can also be sure to get these dresses at sensational prices. Papaya boasts of trendy pieces of items such as legging, shorts, accessories.

#11. Venus


Looking to shop for strappy wedges and low-cost peep-toe pumps? Venus is the place to go. Venus allows you to Search a wide selection of items in bulk at relatively cheap costs such as coats and shoes for $80 and $40 respectively.

#12. Missguided

Misguided cheap clothes online shopping

Well, don’t get it twisted. This site will not misguide you as you may think at first sight. It is actually Miss-guided. Missguided offers classic dresses, and it a perfect destination for ladies who wanna look their best without breaking the bank.

#13. BooHoo


Again, here comes yet another beautiful destination for cheap and classic wears for ladies. Boohoo is a cheap clothes online shopping site with a base in Manchester. It boasts of hundreds of outfits. Their carefully named and funny clothing categories are really impressive such as the Lockdown lifting which houses different collections such as the Going out, all going out, Going out tops, Festival Outfits, Corset Tops and Heels.

#14. Romwe


Romwe is a fast-growing fashion retailer. Even at this, they have got plenty and good looking collections for ladies at a friendly price. So when next you want to shop unique rompers, tops or even pieces of denim, Romwe is the place to visit.

#15. Mura Boutique


Mura’s boutique is an Australian-based online clothes store. Mura sells gorgeous and made-for-real life clothes. Apart from these, their prices are also fair with international shipping of goods also readily available.

Which of these updated 15 cheap clothes online shopping sites would you rather shop in? or would you rather have us add another site you have shopped and wants our readers to try out as well?

Please feel free to tell us in the comment below. We practically reply all comments.

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