how much is otg flash drive in nigeria

How Much Is otg Flash Drive In Nigeria

How much is otg flash drive in Nigeria? We have listed the price of otg drives in Nigeria below based on their storage capacities as well as the current Nigerian Exchange rate.

An OTG flash drive is one equipped with both a standard USB connector and a micro USB connector. The aim of having these two connectors is so that the drive can both function on a computer (Either laptop or desktop) as well as on any mobile device.

how much is otg flash drive in nigeria

What Is otg Flash Drive Used For

how much is otg flash drive in nigeria

Simply put, an OTG is a flash drive on the go which means it is a lightweight storage device for transferring information either from the computer or any mobile device into other devices without stress. The OTG technology was first introduced in 2001, and works well with devices such as digital cameras, and even some mouse or keypads.

How Much Is otg Flash Drive In Nigeria?

Storage CapacityAmount ₦
4GB₦ 2,356
8GB₦ 2,356
16GB₦ 2,356
32GB₦ 2,470
64GB₦ 2,850
Based on the current exchange rate of ₦380

According to wikipedia, USB On-The-Go (OTG) as a technological innovation developed in 2001, performs the roles of a Master and the slave i.e. it gives the command, and also ensures the command is processed and executed.

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